The Next Book

Not since the late 1980’s has the United States Navy faced serious competition in the Sea Control mission vis-à-vis a peer competitor. After two-and-a-half decades of power projection over three major Middle Eastern conflicts, twelve years of no-fly zone enforcement over Iraq and Southern Europe (remember Bosnia and Kosovo?) several core mission areas have atrophied. The Navy and Marine Corps never completely abandoned mission areas such as offensive counter air, anti-submarine warfare and amphibious assault, but the realities of close-air-support and counterinsurgency operations took precedence, and that is where the majority of resources were spent.

The “Pacific Pivot” begun earlier this century served notice to our Pacific allies that the United States was not going to concede the Western Pacific and particularly the near seas of China to Chinese expansion that goes against established international seafaring norms. My next novel will be even more contemporary than the others, taking place in 2018 between the competing forces of global trade and regional security, as Flip and Olive once again answer the call that portends a massive air-sea battle fought with a mixture of modern technology and human ingenuity.

Plan for a late 2017 release.