A contemporary Air-Sea heavyweight fight...the like we haven't seen since The Pacific War.

A routine U.S. Navy Freedom-of-Navigation patrol in the South China sea turns deadly when it encounters a covert - and unauthorized - Chinese plot to lay claim to waters of the South China Sea. Misunderstanding, miscalculation, and fear lead to both sides mobilizing, with the United States moving west across the Pacific to meet and engage the People's Liberation Army (Navy) who waits with modern weaponry and determined purpose.

Through detailed research and his insight of modern naval and aerial warfare gained through personal experience, Kevin Miller takes the reader aboard a nuclear powered aircraft carrier heading across the Pacific for the South China Sea - and combat. Today, the South China Sea is one of the most important - and dangerous - bodies of water in the world, with seven countries laying claim to portions of it, and in one case, all of it. Loaded with action, from heavy seas to inbound missiles, Fight Fight explores a scenario that could lead to an unwanted and unplanned - and with today's headlines perhaps inevitable - war between an established and a rising superpower.

Once again Flip, Weed, and Olive deploy on another sea adventure. Along the way they will encounter a leadership challenge as old as the sea, and the motivations of several Chinese antagonists, from 4-star leadership to front line fighter pilots, are explored.

Today's cutting-edge precision weapons - some real and some imagined - are employed to devastating effect. Could the Chinese - though relentless action or divine luck - do the unthinkable?