High Desert Reflections

A retired Navy fighter pilot remembers his training flights at Naval Air Station Fallon, and relives them as he gazes at the training range from an airline seat years after his last flight there.

In his poignant and best-selling short-story autobiography, Kevin Miller, author of the military techno-thrillers Raven One and Declared Hostile, recounts some of his memories of flying in the high desert, taking the reader into the cockpit of a FA-18 Hornet over the skies of Fallon, Nevada in simulated air combat exercises that convey the intensity - and exhilaration - of flying high-performance aircraft in complex formations characterized by teamwork and precision.

You'll not look out the window of an airliner in this part of the country the same way again after you read about this human story of high-speed adventure - and humble commitment - that our military pilots past and present experience in training before they deploy overseas.

(currently not available in paperback)

Readers' comments

Gripping Tales from Beyond

Like some of the flights described within, this story has wonderful pacing. It breathes. You gasp for air and strain under the excitement of fast jets and earnest will, then unload to catch your breath with some thoughtful reflection, only to BOOP, find yourself back in the thick of it, all hot steel and razor intention. From hard, technical descriptions to poignant, swelling loss, this is a bantam treatise of Naval Aviation--short and aggressive, stripped down to the muscle, bone, and marrow. It's a tribute to "those in peril in the air", a tribute to service, a tribute to excellence.

The title is also far deeper than it first appears.

I highly recommend it.

Sierra Hotel over Fallon, Nevada

Whew! Nothing like screaming through the skies over Fallon Nevada with your hair on fire at Mach.95 and your helmet pressed hard against the canopy due to the g's. Captain Miller writes another outstanding one here---like Raven One--but all real world. Now you know what its really like to be in the middle of a "fur ball!" A short story that is the result of sentimental reflections on some of the best times of his life. Can't wait for the follow on to Raven One. Keep 'em coming sir!

Another Home Run by Kevin Miller

You'll feel you're in the cockpit during the training of Naval Aviators in the high desert of Nevada. Especially poignant is the description of a funeral back at Cecil Field near Jacksonville, FL. "Reflections" is a quick read which is perfect for anyone interested in Naval Aviation....whether from the outside looking in or someone who flew the Fallon ranges and wants their memories rekindled.

Fast Pace

After reading Raven One this was a welcome change, even though a short story I couldn't put it down, as an ex pilot I could deal myself flying with them.it's a good value .now eagerly awaiting his next book SOON

27 Fallon captioned