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Kevin Miller’s debut aircraft carrier novel is filled with flying action and adventure – and also examines the actions of imperfect humans as they follow their own agendas in a disciplined world of unrelenting pressure and danger.

Raven One places you with fighter pilot Jim Wilson in the cockpit of a aircraft carrier-based FA-18 Hornet…and in the ready rooms and bunkrooms of men and women who struggle with their fears and uncertainty in this new way of war. They must all survive a Middle-East deployment that takes a sudden and unexpected turn when Washington orders USS Valley Forge to respond to a crisis no one saw coming. The world watches – and holds its breath.

“Kevin Miller puts you in the cockpit of an advanced Navy fighter aircraft like no other author living or dead”
GEORGE GALDORISI, author of The Coronado Conspiracy

“Captain Kevin Miller’s writing is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! I felt like I was sitting in the cockpit flying the jet strike fighters – feeling the rush, smelling the adrenaline, seeing and hearing the bombs and missiles exploding!! If you have always wanted to know what it really feels like to be a fighter pilot – this book is definitely for you!”

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The United States has been fighting – and arguably losing – the so-called “War on Drugs” for decades. In an unusual assignment, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea is sent to the Caribbean for training, but that is only the cover story.

Jim Wilson is back as an aircraft carrier fighter pilot in the Firebird squadron caught up in a shadowy world of covert operations that turns into actual combat with a blend of nation-states and powerful drug cartels intent on doing harm to the United States.

As he did in Raven One, Kevin Miller brings to life the men and women of Coral Sea – and the human emotions of their enemies fighting them. Societal and geo-political issues of interpersonal and international conflict are raised which there is no clear answer, causing the reader to reflect and ponder. High-level military command relationships are explored, and the emotions of jealousy, greed, courage and betrayal are found on both sides in this human story. This epic technothriller novel takes to a new level the authentic high-g flying action as well as the deep and interesting characters Miller is known for.

“Move over Clancy. This writer is coming in hot & will steal away every naval aviator fan you have. This story was riveting, exciting and had an unrelenting hook in my mind the whole time. Can’t wait to start no. 3!”

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A retired Navy fighter pilot remembers his training flights at Naval Air Station Fallon, and relives them as he gazes at the training range from an airline seat years after his last flight there.

In his poignant and best-selling short-story autobiography, Kevin Miller, author of the military techno-thriller Raven One trilogy, recounts some of his memories of flying in the high desert, taking the reader into the cockpit of a FA-18 Hornet over the skies of Fallon, Nevada in simulated air combat exercises that convey the intensity – and exhilaration – of flying high-performance aircraft in complex formations characterized by teamwork and precision.

You’ll not look out the window of an airliner in this part of the country the same way again after you read about this human story of high-speed ACTION AND adventure – and humble commitment – that our military FIGHTER pilots past and present experience in training before they deploy overseas.

“Incredibly vivid writing that put me right back in the Fallon range. It was a gripping sequence of events leading up to the loss of a friend that shakes your emotions to the point of chills. I couldn’t put this short story down because I felt like I was back there myself . . .”


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A contemporary Air-Sea heavyweight fight…the like we haven’t seen since The Pacific War.

A routine U.S. Navy Freedom-of-Navigation patrol in the South China sea turns deadly when it encounters a covert – and unauthorized – Chinese plot to lay claim to waters of the South China Sea. Misunderstanding, miscalculation, and fear lead to both sides mobilizing, with the United States moving west across the Pacific to meet and engage the People’s Liberation Army (Navy) who waits with modern weaponry and determined purpose.

Through detailed research and his insight of modern naval and aerial warfare gained through personal experience, Kevin Miller takes the reader aboard a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier heading across the Pacific for the South China Sea – and combat. Today, the South China Sea is one of the most important – and dangerous – bodies of water in the world, with seven countries laying claim to portions of it, and in one case, all of it. Loaded with action AND ADVENTURE, from heavy seas to inbound missiles, Fight Fight explores a scenario that could lead to an unwanted and unplanned – and with today’s headlines perhaps inevitable – war between an established and a rising superpower.

Once again Flip, Weed, and Olive deploy on another sea adventure. Along the way they will encounter a leadership challenge as old as the sea, and the motivations of several Chinese antagonists, from 4-star leadership to front line fighter pilots, are explored.

Today’s cutting-edge precision weapons – some real and some imagined – are employed to devastating effect. Could the Chinese – though relentless action or divine luck – do the unthinkable?

” . . .ONE OF THE FINEST MILITARY AVIATION novels I have ever read, bar none! Several times through the story the authors description of the abject terror one of the characters feels trying to perform a night catapult launch in absolute pitch black night under EMCON and lights out conditions. You could almost smell the mans fear. His description of the political realities the military have to deal are spot on. I certainly hope there will be a #4 in the Raven One series!”


Winner, 2020 ABF American Fiction Award, Military Category


In the desolate middle of the largest ocean on earth, two great navies met, one bent on conclusive battle, the other lying in ambush.

Six months after Pearl Harbor, Yamamoto again crossed the Pacific with the most powerful naval armada the world had ever seen, this time to finish the job. Nimitz waited for him with what he had, placed exactly where he needed it.

Both admirals depended on their fliers, some veterans of battle, others raw and unproven. During World War II, striking first meant decisive victory.

The Silver Waterfall is a factual historic fiction novel of the battle of Midway told by today’s master of aircraft carrier aviation fiction about the men who fought in one of the most pivotal and epic naval battles in world history.

“Masterful. Not since Herman Wouk’s War and Remembrance has the story of Midway been told with such allure.” Peter Fey, author of Bloody Sixteen.

“If you’ve wondered what more could be written about the Battle of Midway, here’s the answer: Kevin Miller has delivered the perfect amalgam of vivid military history and unforgettable fiction. Through the viewpoints of the combatants on both sides The Silver Waterfall evokes the drama and raw terror of the battle that changed the course of the war. Historical fiction at its best.”

— Robert Gandt, author of Angels in the Sky and The Twilight Warriors

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