How Important are Readers’ Reviews?

Reader reviews are valuable social proof that helps influence other readers to look at a book they may not be aware of or normally read. Appreciate all of them, and occasionally I’ll post one here, this one from Speed Reader, who reminds us not to forget those on the tip of the spear.

“I am an avid reader of a variety of writing genres, but rarely have I encountered a book of any sort that so captivated my interest.

As one would expect, it puts you in the seat of a carrier based FA-18 Hornet as the pilot trains for and engages in war. But it does much more than that by defining the professionalism, commitment, courage and camaraderie or our naval aviators. It lets the reader understand, as well, the sacrifices that these men an women (and their loved ones) make to protect the nation they serve.

It should be required reading for every American.”

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